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Blue Ridge Stories 2011 – Final Screening

Blue Ridge Stories 2011

Blue Ridge Stories 2011 ended today with the final screening of all the campers’ videos!

The camp director Ashley Maynor opened the commencement with a few comments and special thanks, then we all watched the documentaries. This year there were four films. First was “From Page to Stage”, a look at how “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” was brought to life in Roanoke. Next was “Lost Gone Neighbors Remembered”, a film about the Neal family who found a Civil War era graveyard in their backyard. “Pop’s – A Taste of the Community” was next, looking at the famous ice cream shop in the area. To end the screening was “Train of Thought”: a look at the history and implications of trains in Roanoke.

After the screening, all the campers were awarded with certificates of completion and a copy of the DVD, as well as held a short Q&A about their films.

We would like to thank the Taubman Museum of Art, Virginia Tech’s Department of Theatre and Cinema, and InnovationSpace for their support, in addition to the campers and their families. We had a blast this week and hope to see some of you next year!

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Blacksburg Stories Day 1 – Revelry in Roanoke

Campers at the Taubman

Blue Ridge Stories 2011 started off with a bang today as all 12 campers arrived eager to learn. We all got accustomed to the new location at the Taubman Museum of Art and, after a few games, were quick to work.

Tiara led us in an in-depth discussion on what constitutes a documentary and we watched a few of the shorts from previous years as examples. All of the counselors pitched their documentary ideas: stories about Roanoke and the surrounding Blue Ridge area. The campers received ballots and voted on which group they wanted to be in.

Campers enjoy rock candy courtesy of Abbey

After a short break for lunch at a nearby park, we returned to the Taubman to watch an example of how not to make a documentary. In the video, Rita Skeeter tried to solve a mystery at Hogwarts, followed by her awful film crew. We discussed the few things that did work in the video, and the many things that did not work.

We then announced the four groups and their projects for the week. Campers broke into their groups and learned about camera basics, composition, and sound from their counselors.

To end the day, we did a 45-minute scavenger hunt in downtown Roanoke. Each group had to find several local items, as well as practice the skills they had been taught earlier in the day.

Tomorrow we will resume the fun, as many groups will begin their interviews!

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