Blue Ridge Stories Day 1 – Welcome Welcome Welcome

Today was the fist day of Blue Ridge Stories. Although the camp wasn’t new the location had changed as well as the people, but even so the day was a blast. The camp started with some fun games to help everyone get to know each other, and before we knew it friendships formed.

The campers learned or help to teach each other the basics of what is a documentary and watched examples of both good and bad documentaries, like the ones they would be filming.

We all enjoyed a nice lunch in the park and played some more out-door games. And then everyone got to fin out which groups they were working with for the week.

In our groups campers got to get hands on experience with the equipment they will be using in the upcoming week, and even got to do a scavenger hunt to show off their newly gathered skills.

With so many activities to do it was hard to believe the day had come to an end by 4pm. Everyone left looking excited about the films they would make this week.

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